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Wiki vs Article [GSA SER]

Hi everybody!

I have BIG problem with WIKI and Articles.

I have project A, when I'm posting to wiki, articles, dierctories etc... And I have this same project (copies of project A) when I'm posting to articles, direcories etc (without wiki!).
Project A has ~400 verified links but project B has only 3 verified links. Anybody can tell me what goin on?


  • Wiki's are created really easily and will get out of hand I've found if you don't watch out, haha. I only use 1 wiki engine now.

    You can set up wiki's in their own project and limit them and then pick the best performing engines for the article and directories and use them in their own project.

    I've also thought about using less efficient wiki engines to keep projects at a certain ratio. But, that just wastes resources. I think it's better to give them their own project if you can.
  • But.. Why I have only 10 verified links without wiki ? Before I used WIKI I had really very good results with articles
  • I don't know. Personally, I've found YAD and Joomla to be the best Article engines for me. Try those...

    And make sure you pick - as your search engines - the "main" google + 4-5 random country googles (when you do this differently in every single project, SER flies) and have a bunch of keywords.
  • How many keywords you use? And how look you keywords? keya,keyb,keyc... ? or {keya|keyb},{keyc|keyd} ?
  • I try to put at least 1k in my projects. I have no idea how fast SER goes through them, though.

    I just add them from the clipboard off of a text editor like this:

  • You are using only english keyword?
  • So far, yes.
  • How many verified links you can get from only articles and direcories (withouut wiki)
  • Here's a Tier1 from yesterday:

  • @Kreist, can you give me your email on prv?
  • @Kreist, can you give me your email on prv?

    It's my projects settings:
  • I did message you... You are adding content in there, right?
  • Yes, from Kontent Machine 2
  • Hey Kreist,

    it's interesting how much our chosen platforms differ. 

    I kicked out joomla because of 1% verified.

    Why aint you using PHPmotion for example? I have high success and good contextual articles with it. 

    (Btw: Where do you get the content from? I'm using WAC so probably i'll never pass human moderation)

    Best Regards
  • Hey @Startrip. I don't even remember why I didn't use PHPmotion. Probably was below 5% verified from identified. I'm actually running a couple of engine test projects where I just run all of the engines, so I can see if I get different results. Got that idea from @ron.

    That is crazy. With Joomla I get about 18% verified from identified.
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