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Low lpm with SER

I have just purchased SER and I'm getting a very low LPM of about 4. I'm using 5 private proxies and 75 threads. Can anyone tell me how to increase it? should I use more proxies?


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    Whats your system spec?. Connection speeds?. How many projects are you running?
  • I'm using a VPS with 1 Gb ram, 3.6 Ghz processor. Connection speed is about 15 mbps and I'm running two projects.
  • Literally shaking my head...

    @mind there are 10s of threads with hundreds of posts on this forum explaining exactly how to set up SER to maximise your LPM for your set up.

    There's no magic answer or secret switch to make it work better.  Like the rest of us you are going to have to invest some time reading and then tweaking your set up.

    Start here:

    It will take you about a week to two to optimise your set up
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    @sven how about some sort of auto redirect when some one with less than 20 posts starts typing "Low lpm..." :D
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