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How often do you switch your content?

I'm using spun content from WAC for my projects and i'd like to know how often, or even if, other users go back and add fresh content to projects. 

I'm currently setting up a TON of projects and the thought of having to go back and switch the content on a regular basis is giving me nightmares. Has anyone noticed a difference? 


  • well, with WAC you can have max 10 variation of phrase, so it would be a good idea to change text, you can "fight" duplicate with setting SE to spin and other fighting duplicate in the options of you projects. for lower tier you can spin those text with TBS for example.

    Or you can use tools that generate content on the fly and add those in your project, like there are tools that you can set on one of your domain name and those tools will give you an URL, and every time you refresh the URL you get a fresh content, those URL can be add to SE.
  • What "tools" are you referring to??

    And I use WAC on all of my Tiers. I'm setting up a process where my VA generates the WAC codes for the projects and places them in an excel file. I will take the excel file and just import the content into GSA.

    The problem with this process is that i will have about 225 projects added in the next 30 days. 75 sites with 3 tiers (T1-T1A/T2-T2A/T3-T3A). After updating a few ive realized that this will become VERY time consuming to do on a weekly basis (my ideal). Will get even worse once that number grows.
  • Content Foundry might interest you. It will create projects and use macros to point to the content. Then you can just go into Content Foundry and hit the refresh button to renew the content. I have it but haven't set it up the way I wanted it, yet.
  • Looks interesting. I'll have to set aside some time to give it a try.

    How's the learning curve?
  • Honestly, that's what I got when I first got SER, it kept freezing and also didn't insert keywords the way I wanted to, so I ended up getting ACW (which I love). So, I never really figured out how to use it at all. Still contemplating whether I will renew my subscription or not. But, it does look like he's made some changes over the past month.
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