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More Types Matched , GSA How to Choice

More Types Matched , GSA How to Choice?
More Types Captcha Size same 85X25 and same Image type: JPG
GSA SHow 4 types Matched. 
1 . How to choice One result is best Result?
2.  What are the GSA  detection parameters priority. Pls Sort (Image Size, Image Type, Image Color ...)
3. More types matched,How to set My right result type. Some time are wrong Result


  • SvenSven
    I don't understand you here. The way how GSA CB (again GSA alone is just the company name) shooses the captcha type to use it a bit too complex to explain. And the algorithm gets optimized quite a lot for updates. It is using the image size, colors, image type and some other parameters with different weight.
  • Example.
    I have 2 Captchas. ( cap1,cap2)
    1. Same size (80x25)
    2. Image Type ( Jpeg)
    3. Main Colors Are same includes.
    4. Captcha Result length Same ( 4 -5 )

     Now GSA CB will Show   2 Types Matched.  Choice results is wrong .
    I want to know How to setting The correct result

  • SvenSven
    You simply can't influence this.
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