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Does Your GSA Captcha Breaker Lower Your Success Rate?

I just bought GSA Captcha Breaker

Test it using the same list of 1400+ Social Network links with same configuration

40 dedicated proxies
100 threads
60 sec timeout

According to the test, there's a difference about 200+ links when using GSA Captcha Breaker, lower than using only captcha service.

Is this normal? Or perhaps there's another effective setting on GSA Captcha Breaker?

PS : i only solve above 50% captcha success rate on CB


  • SvenSven
    I guess your social bookmarks are a lot of pligg. Pligg uses recaptcha a lot. And recaptcha has a success rate of 1% only. So yes of course it is worse than a captcha service here as captha services are run by humans who solve things for you.
  • Thank you for the support Sven. But the thing is, i unchecked the recaptcha on CB and solve only 50% above captcha success rate. Besides, doesn't CB supposed to send recaptcha to captcha service since it's not checked?

    One thing for sure, the amount time to perform a project using CB is almost twice longer than only using captcha service, is this normal?
  • SvenSven

    If the captcha type is unchecked, it is skipped. If you want to send it to the captcha service without letting CB try to solve it, check it + use right mouse button and enable the direct send to the service.

    time: Thats impossible. The program is way faster replying to the program than any human on your captcha service can do it. Though if you enable a captcha service in CB it takes of course that time + solve try by CB in the worst case.

  • I see. So if i use CB + captcha service it will take longer than only using captcha service. I think that was my setting so it took longer. What i don't understand is, the end results of using CB + captcha service (registered and verified) is lower than only using captcha service, i thought it should be the same since CB send it to captcha service.  
  • SvenSven
    No it's not. A captcha service will probably enter all captchas in correctly. CB will of course make mistakes. Though the speed is much better and if configured correctly, you a lot more submissions done.
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