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Does CB work with GScraper Poster?

I downloaded the trial and tried it with Gscraper for posting to guestbooks, but didnt see any captchas coming through the program, so I wanted to check if CB actually works with Gscraper.


  • SvenSven
    It is. I don't know how they call CB but when I tested it, it worked fine (but with CaptchaSniper option I think as CB was not added on that version).
  • Thanks Sven, When I tried it a few min ago, I didn't see any captcha's coming through, later I'll take a quick vid, so you or someone else can tell me if I'm setting up CB correctly.
  • Actually nevermind I restarted G scraper and it works now thank you
  • im having trouble with gscraper working with cb again, restarted with cb as admin first then started gscraper, anyone else having same issue? Works fine with gsa, just not communicating with Gscraper.
  • SvenSven
    no idea how Gscraper build the communication through CB but you better contact there support if you see it working in GSA SER.
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