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Since DeathByCaptcha raised prices overnight by 30%?

... what will you guys use as alternative?

For the Week of May 09, 2013 through May 16, 2013:
33.81% added to the price of all captcha solved during 11am to 9pm server time..  Learn More

ShaniBPO looks good havent tried it thou


  • It's been like that for months, you've only just noticed?

    They keep on changing the date, to coincide with the current week....................
  • oiloil
    edited May 2013

    no, i bought last year a huge amount, and since then never logged in here, just today

    so what alternatives are you using?

    seems to be abit cheaper.. but never test them.. anyone?
  • edited May 2013
    @oilshanipbo worked well at the time, but i haven't used them for months now

    At the moment, i just make use of deathbycaptcha off peak, just utilizing CB on peak
  • oiloil
    edited May 2013

    thx, i am doing now the same as you guys wrote

    as backup captcha provider i am using captchabot

    price there is 1$ for 1000K and no nightshift crap

    but mostly i configured my SER + CB not to sent anymore to engines which CB doesnt support, for the SERengines i still use premium captcha services but for all other links i still with CB only

  • Hi Oil,

    If you've bought your CAPTCHA package long ago, NSC may not be applied to your purchase, as the Nightshift Worker Compensation goes (or went) live after you have used up the captcha balance purchased before 2012-12-03 10 A.M Server Time.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if anything and we'll be happy to assist you.

    Best Regards,
    Death By Captcha Customer Support

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