On A Laptop. How Many "Runs" Can I Do At One Time Safely.

Here is what I do so far and want to know if can bump it up. So a little background.

Laptop =
Windows 7
Intel Core i3 CPU  2.53 GHZ
4G Ram
64 Bit Operating System

Now I got a few SEO clients who are well deep into the not on page 500 and further. I run GSA 1time in the morning and then 1time at night. Before the night run though I stop the morning so bacislly GSA is only running 1 RUN at a time.

Would I be able to bump this up to 2-3 runs going at the same time in the morning and 2-3 at night? What do you think based on my system that I could run at 1 time.

Thank You


  • Dont see why you can't have it running 24/7?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Lebanon, I shall teach you the noble art of Jedi SER master.

    Notice no mention of internet connection speed either

    You are learning well Jedi SER apprentice

  • I wouldn't think anyone would run SER on a crappy connection....
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I started off on a 6meg home connection, then developed my Jedi SER master skills after moving onto a vps

    Everyone starts somewhere Young Lebanon, may the force be with you :D

    Que star wars music :D

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    You're in a good mood today. :)

    How did you manage with 6megs?.

    Planning to build a server at home to run another version of SER. Connection at home is 20meg Down 9meg Up - Looking to lower monthly outgoings
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    20 meg at a good gusitimate, you should easily run 200 threads

    Just checked mine under resource manager and Im peaking at about 16 meg on 250 threads

    I used to run 50 threads on a 6 meg connection, but that was using the force

    Someone told me on here that could not be done :D

    With a good cpu, you should ram out the captchas with cb

  • Hahaha Well my internet connection is 16mB on the download side and 0.81mbps on the upload. On my laptop I have the settings at threads = 20 HTML tiemout at 75....so with this in mind how many projects can I run at the same time that will be "ok"
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    No way of knowing that, up speed sounds bad

    Trial and error is the only way forward

    Monitor resource manager and set ser according to that

  • ok I mean it process a single run pretty quick but just wondering how many I can do at a time since I am growing in clients and 1 project a day is killing me
  • If you have clients and they are paying you, you should look at VPS if you can't get the up speed any faster.  You should be able to get a decent VPS for SER for $25-$50 a month and then you could run it 24-7
  • Yea I may have to look into that....damn another expense :p
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