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"no engine matches"

I just scraped a list that I know contained MANY GSA targets.  I used Hrefer and out of 100k, GSA found 50k that it recognized. (I saved to a file)

So I imported the URLs, and I noticed this message scrolling a lot:

"No engine matches"

Does this mean that GSA can't find an engine match, even though I spent 2 hours having GSA "sort in" the original raw 100k link list?  I imported the resulting 50k link list that I thought was "GSA Verified".


  • You can modify the script in the "page must have".

    "No engine matches" , Because you import the site does not meet the "page must have"
  • Thanks for your reply....but I did not understand what you meant?

    I got the "modify script" part (do I need to know how to code in order to modify the script?)

    But the rest of what you said....I do not understand.

  • Such as buddpress

    It's script is "page must have1=wp-login.php?action=register|/register/|create an account page must have2=BuddyPress"

    i have a site and i'm sure that it is a buddpress site ,

    However, this site's home page don't have "budepress" word.
    so i can delete the "page must have2=BuddyPress". SER will match buddpress engine if
    site to meet the conditions
    "page must have1=wp-login.php?action=register|/register/|create an account"

    sorry, i'm not good at English.
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