How to install gsa and csniper to vps?

Hello, from this days i want to move all the jobs to a vps. So i want to ask how i can install gsa and csniper on the vps? Is easy, can i do this? thanks


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You just connect to your vps, download and install the software.  You'll need to uninstall from the original computer.  Not sure about CS.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    No need to uninstall from the original computer, you just don't run it on the original computer

    You can install ser on as many computers as you want. But only run it on one at any one time


    This is a good guide to moving ser

  • That one explain how to move to a new computer, and yes i know that i must run it on only one computer, i have opened a new thread regarding this.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    So your confused between a computer and a vps.

    Treat it as the same

  • Yes i am for the first time trying the vps, so i don't have idea how it works. Maybe is better to learn first about vps maybe. So is easy to setup everything? And i have read that the service i want to choose it asking for windows license, is normal? Will work the license of my pc, or i nead a new one?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Your VPS service shouldn't ask for a windows license.  You need a better provider.  You can get VPS's for like $40/month that are set up and ready to run.
  • Yes definitivly, i have lost my 20$ :( And i was sure that this can be a good provider, people was talking about this here, so will be completly difficult for me to set it up right? If it ask till the start for license.
  • Not sure what exactly the requirements / specs are for a successful operation of GSA SER on a VPS.
    but for years I was running my site on 4 dual core dedicated root servers and later on 3 high end quad core root servers - for some 60 USD/month with a top server company in Germany. Now my site retired and tiny (all previous online content converted into offline versions by bittorrent.

    The same company ( has VPS at a fraction of the price you talk about
    see VPS overview:
    for some 8 EURO = less than 10 USD/m I would get 1 TB high speed traffic per month with 100 MBit connection to www. No setup fee, no minimum duration.

    talking about location ...

    I am living/working since 2000 in the Philippine islands and now since 2+ yrs in Cambodia,
    all server install / config / admin done remotely via 3G or WIFI connection. Zero problems. server monitoring sometimes mobile via Nokia N900 (has Debian Linux OS) via SSH logged into server.

    With a site for global customers / visitors it is IMO far more important to think about the location of server/VPS in relation to end visitors or related to SER location related to connecting global SE and sites to submit.

    Europe proved by very far superior to me than my much earlier US based hosting. Why?
    from a global point of view EU is more central than US.

    With a VPS location in S-Africa for example you be at the very end of the world from global visitors and sites point of view (scraping global SE or submitting to global sites)
    a similar situation exists for US based VPS - central to US market and EU but far from the rest of the world (far = ping times or number of hops )

    EU market is far greater than US market, in addition from a central European location all EU countries have a ping to server of some 30-70 ms, North- Central and S-Americas some 60-120 ms
    and all of Asia (the by far largest market for anything online) - has a ping of 250-350 ms.

    For as long as server is simple and secure installed, the location of server vs owner/admin nowadays is secondary (IMO) I use multiple ISP (multiple SIM) in addition to local fiber-optics ISP to always have redundant connection available.

    Quality may be a much greater factor in selection of server location - EU servers have proven far superior in quality AND support than US hosts ever have been (my experience after 16+ yrs online work). Price in EU has become more competitive than 10 yrs ago and quality to price ratio is by far in favor of EU locations / hosting companies.

    For my own situation, I am Linux pro and never done any windows config for 15  yrs (only the first yr was on (nightmare) WIN OS - anything later strictly on secure and rock solid open source Linux (OpenSuSE linux) with 80'000++ uv/day.

    The idea of installing/configuring a WIN VPS is a nightmare to me and keeps me from going VPS for now. May be later I may give it a try.
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