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Possible To Rank For This With GSA SER....?

Hi. I would like to hear from anybody with previous sucess using GSA SER for something similar to what I am trying to rank for. I have 2 websites, the first main keyword has low comp and 27K local searches per month, the second has 12k and low comp as well. 
Anybody ranked top 3 for something similar with GSA SER? If so how long did it take and what kind of set up did you use?. I have tier system with 3 main tiers, as well as t1a t2a.



  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Yes, anything is possible. But don't expect anything over night.
  • I can tell you for sure, I rank terms in Insurance, Diet, and Payday with GSA SER and only a few other methods on 1 page sites with ESL content.

    Its not GSA SER that ranks you, its how you use it
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    @eliquid What does ESL content mean?
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  • ^^ thanks
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    @eliquid: do you use agresive all-spam-to-moneypage technique or slow tiered backlinking? And for how long are your sites ranking?

  • Thanks @Alex and @eliquid

    @eliquid, maybe the "few other methods" attribute a significant part to the ranking success in such verticals?
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