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Hard time getting "real" contextual links

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i've spend a lot of time now in analyzing the BL created by GSA. I started with socialNW/Article.
Not only submitted. vs verified, but also the actual outcome.

Basically i found 8 good perfomers within socialNW/Article (submitted/verified above 10% and absolute numbers are fine too) and checked one of my T2-Projects with around 5000 verified links to find out what GSA created within these good performers.

Even around 80% of these links have an anchortext but it's only profile links. There are only 2 Platforms (and one of them is Ucenter...) which in more than 50% of the cases create a real posting/story/article with a real contextual link in it (surrounded by paragraphes of text and not only 1 sentence).

I think only these few platforms are suitable to create highquality contextual links to use for T1.

So my questions to the experts (and anyone else who has an opinion on this;)) :

a) Am i doing something terribly wrong or is it "normal" to only gather few real contextual links like full articles with anchortext-links?

b) Is there a way to tell GSA to only submit if it can post an article?

(PS: i've checked the "put url to places where it is seen as spam").

Best Regards and have a nice week :)



  • I am also interested in the answer to this question. If anyone who is more knowledgable can chip in
  • SvenSven

    a) Most Article and Social Network sites do create contextual links. Maybe you used some high PR filters that forbid it?


  • Hey

    a) im using PR 3 Filter on it; but the problem is not that it doesnt create links (quite the contrary...), i set it to 10 max per day. It's just that the percentate of profile links is pretty high.

    b) awesome :) would safe me time if i didnt have to delete the profile links everyday ;)

    Best Regards
  • 1. yes there are very much profile links
    2. nevertheless you are able to get A LOT real contextual links, with a lot i mean 5k+.

    PR3+ Filter..does not make sense for me, but okay.
  • yes i am also looking for this option

    b) Is there a way to tell GSA to only submit if it can post an article?
  • Neat - will be awesome when that update happens. Will make tier 1 links all the better.
  • i was thinking that SER will come with this feature in next update but still not...
  • edited May 2013
    I have asked for it for exactly the same reason long time ago... Sven is still overloaded with other things...and this is quite big change for so many platforms.

    I am currently deleting profile links from tier 1 manually :-/
  • i do the PR 3 filter to slown down things bekkolt. 

    i mean, getting the contextual links is really not the problem, but when i have 50 contextual i have also 300 profile which i dont wanna waste my time buildings links to them ;)

    i do that too traged ;) check by mask -> *profile* and check by mask *user* ;) don't know if i get them all with that but can't really check them all manually :D and some profile links shouldn't hurt..

    Best Regards
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - Maybe an option to tag projects (so we can easily select certain projects by selecting a tag) and then a scheduled "select all projects" of "tag x" and a "delete by mask" would be a solution to this problem and the one of having to keep selecting certain projects to add new updated platforms? Also this could be used for a range of things to keep your VPS neat. It would really expand the use of the mask feature.  
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