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Verifying and GSA Indexer


I'm debating on telling GSA to stop verifying links. I realize this will prevent my "verified" link list from growing.....but there are times when I need a fast blast and verifying the links takes up precious time.

The other problem is that (as I understand it) GSA will not send a "submitted" link to the GSA SEO Indexer, nor will it send it to Lindexed.

So my question is this:

Does GSA currently send ALL submitted links to the GSA SEO Indexer program or Lindexed?

If not, how can I make it do so?

I have a feeling that the verified links not as accurate as it should be.  I have seen several people say the same.  So to save time, can I just submit ALL links that are submitted and I will take the chance that maybe it wasn't a valid link after all?



  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    SER sends verified links to those two products/services.

    Only about 20% of submitted links become verified. You will waste tremendous resources indexing submitted links - 80% inefficiency. Don't do it.

    I have T1, T2, T3 on verified every 1440 minutes. I want those tiers to have current verified information because they have tiers below building links (T1AT2AT3A).

    I have verified on T1AT2AT3A disabled. I do this so SER can post more links. I verify those once a week like on Sunday. The only reason I bother is because I don't want SER carrying unnecessary baggage in the project files. (If you haven't noticed, project files get very big). So I verify once a week to keep my projects lean.

    I also re-verify once a week. Yes, sometimes valid links get scrubbed. This is not a SER issue. The same thing happens with Scrapebox. The website with the URL could timeout, there could be bandwidth problems on the website, line noise, proxy issues, whatever. Again, the exact same thing happens on Scrapebox.

    It will never be perfect. We all have the same issues. Fortunately, it is not a bad problem. I would much rather zap a good link than build a whole crapload of backlinks to links that don't exist. Choose your poison. Re-verifying is the less toxic poison.  


  • edited May 2013
    Hey Ron, thanks for your insightful post. I don't got any follow up questions....
  • @ron Hey I asked this on another thread but no one answered.  When you verify a link is indexed do you remove it from SER or keep it in to accumulate more backlinks?
  • ronron
    edited May 2013
    You never remove a verified link from SER, whether indexed or not. :-O
  • You only keep it if it's your target anchor text + low OBL + high PR. The rest you delete so SER doesn't waste resources building links to non money keywords.
  • Opinions clearly vary, personally I agree with Ron.  Juice up all links no matter what PR, OBL or anchor...

    To each their own and all that! 
  • Thanks for the answers, I can see the benefits of both strategies.  I would think keeping them all would look a lot more natural, but pruning them may speed up results.  So far I haven't removed any but something in another thread got me thinking about it.
  • ronron
    True @Brumnick. I spend a lot of time making sure I have generic, naked URL, and regular anchor. I would never set up my projects like that in the first place if it wasn't important.
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