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Quick question: Use verified URLs of another project

How does this feature work?

Does it go through each link, submit whatever number of links per day, then move on to the next?

Or does it submit one link to one URL, then move on to the next URL?

And does it pick URL randomly? Or sequentially? From newer to older or the other way around?

I ask this because I want to better manage which links to focus on when building lower tiered links, perhaps delete older links after some time if SER focuses on them first.

@Sven or anyone who knows, can you please answer?


  • edited May 2013
    you can set it to "per URL" and "random URL" otherwise it post sequentially. I have both these options ticked
  • Oh I didn't realize that option applies to the "verified url" option too because it says "Use a random URL from above on every submission (else in sequence)" but obviously "Use verified URLs" option is below it.
  • Ya for tiered linkbuilding you use verified URLs + those options
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