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how adding verified link for multi tier


I'm looking for add link as verified link for Tier 1.
So i can use them for subtier project that's used verified link.

These link are create with another software or manually and i want build multi tier on it.

I can create a new project and add all them, but will make me several project for build TIER2
Those create with SER and those create with another software or manually.

I don't see anyway where i can add them.

Else i will create a new project.

It's not possible to mix up 2 project verified link maybe ?



  • SvenSven
    right click on project->show urls->verified urls->right click on box->add verified urls...
  • Thanks Sven for this fast asnwer !

    I have another question and i think there is no solution yet, but is it possible to get verified link mark as trusted and never remove after verification.

    Usage is for blog like where link could be sometimes only in article.
    or also shortenurl link (not sure if gsa check shorten url link)
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but I don't get your question. Shorten-URLs like tinyurl or alike are not checked unless you have them in your project.
  • verified link are able to be recheck if i ask gsa to recheck them.

    I manual add verified page for my tier1 as twitter, google+ etc.
    Some of them will have shorten url.
    Gsa should remove them from verified page normally no ?

    The question or feature request would be to able to flag some link to be trusted even if no backlink is found
  • SvenSven
    yes they will get removed if the link url is not found. But if you add your verified urls there manually, it has no link url and so they do not get removed.
  • ok great so manually add are never recheck even if i ask gsa to do so.
    So that's make my feature need for special link (private blog,social network etc)

    If i create tier1 with another software but i want them check is there a way to ask gsa to check them or all manual add can't be verified ?
  • SvenSven
    if you import the urls and reverify in the show urls dialog, you get the link url added there when one of the project urls is found. in that case the link url is saved and the reverification also works.
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