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Site deindexed in few days.

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I'm really happy user of GSA Search Engine Ranker with some successful campaigns. This software is amazing and it helped to get few of my sites from nowhere to positions 1-5. Community and support here are also incredible. Actually best I've ever seen for all products that I have bought for SEO.

I always try to make my campaigns as natural as possible creating content and links in long term, so I decided to buy a brand new domain for few $ and test if it is possible to rank new site in short period of time.

After creating 1 page website I used Fast Indexer on GSA and created around 200 links from those stat/value sites. Of course domain appeared on google the next day so I started creating even more links. After around 3k submissions and 370 verified links (I'm quite sure there were actually even more verified links) my website appeared on position 11 for my main keyword and around 20 for few others.

I thought wow that is really possible. After few days I checked my positions for that website and guess what, it got deindexed :)

That was enough:

So I just wanted to let you guys know that fast link building on a brand new domain from some crappy sites = removal from google.

Now I will be testing fast link building on expired/aged domains to see if that's possible :)


  • There might be some other issues with your site, to me 300K links (60-70% verified) pointed from day 1 and Google didn't removed my various sites from search.
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    300k verified links in 1 day is insane but probably most of them were not indexed by google. Around 200 of my links showed in google after just few hours when my website got indexed.

    I do know that content of website pages is important so probably having just one page article there didn't help :) 

    I'm also not sure if having links below content pointing to page redirecting to some products does matter or not.
  • sorry, but this thread is bullshit.
  • May I ask why?
    that's exactly what happened.

    Guys If you really believe that there is no value in this thread let me know here and I will ask someone to delete it.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I admire you in all honesty

    You stand above the spoon feeders on here that expect everything handed to them and no work done in testing ideas


    As the saying goes "if you don't fail, how can you learn from your own mistakes"


    Top man =D>

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    @Nitros, I really think you should re-do your experiment before you decide whether it works or not. I am guilty of the same things at times, but, you should know that often you can run the same experiment on two different sites and get different results.

    Recently, I fired 5k verified links at a one page site over two days and it is quite happily sitting on page 1 after a few weeks.

    You may have just got unlucky somewhere and your site got caught out. I would try again but avoid indexer making up the larger part of your link profile.
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    Velocity you are completely right !
    After seeing that for some of you this was not normal I checked my mailbox created for that domain that was mentioned under "contact us" and there is an email from some angry website owner titled "Stop spaming my website - Will report you to google". I checked submitted links created with GSA SER and there really was a link to his website in type of trackback.

    I guess he really did report my website to google and because my website links were obvious spam probably my site was deleted after google employee review.

    Thanks to you guys now I know that this was caused by some angry website owner and not fast link building.

    One thing worth keeping in mind is to use trackbacks and blog comments on fresh domains only for tier2-3 as it seems that someone can just report your website and that will result in deindexation.
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    Sometimes I don't understand why stupid webmasters are trying hard to take down someone for link spam. The easiest way is to customize forms with some js and no software will be able to post.

    However I always backfire. And take them down in a week. This method have never let me down for years:
  • Funny thing is that I looked up his website backlinks on ahrefs and he used blog comments himself...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Your website is deindexed from the search engines completely? So if you go to Google and type in there are no more pages indexed in Google? 

    Since its deindexed, maybe you can share the URL? :P

    I'd like to take a look at it with ahrefs and Google. 
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    @bekkolt Pretty much, lol

    @NitrosIn all honesty, i very much doubt your domain is deindexed, not long term anyway. I've seen domains indexed one day, only to disappear when a site: or info: command is run against them the next day, and then to appear again the day after.

    Fast link building on a brand new domain from some crappy sites most definitely does NOT result in removal from google. Not immediately anyway, as you claim
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    @s4nt0s I do know how to check if site is deindexed :)
        and yes no results at all with ""

    Everything happened in just couple of days so ahrefs is showing just 8 backlinks.
  • Nitros so you think someone reported your site for spam links? In other words negative seo still exists??

    There might be some specific issues with your site or content or some manual penalty or many other factors....

    But you cannot generalize this experiment to say large scale blog comments or trackbacks are not useful for money sites, I am using it for many sites, so I can say it works and many people here will agree with me.

    I remember only one of my web2.0 with 150K backlinks in ahrefs got deindexed after 1 month of dominating for a good keyword ;) and 1 month is a reasonable time period.

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    Yes I do think that my website was reported. I'm not saying that the guy who sent me that email was the only reason for my site being removed from google but probably after complain someone looked closer at my linking profile.

    and I never said that "blog comments or trackbacks are not useful for money sites" as I'm still using them myself.

    What I wanted to say is that posting to these platforms may result in someone reporting your site to google. For brand new site that's obviously not good.

    @doubleup please read my 4th post.

    I didn't have analytics on that website so I didn't get message from google about unusual link building. With that email everything would be clear.
  • For brand new site that's obviously not good.

    Make another experiment with large scale blog comments and trackbacks to newly purchased domain and see what happens, because till today such links are working for both new and old sites for me.

  • @gittar1122 That's out of context...
    I hope your are not trying to say that reports sent to google about your website spaming is good?

    And I will do more tests with new and aged domains.
  • @Nitros I also very much doubt a webmaster resulted in your site getting deindexed. Google don't have the time or resources to look into every single individual issue raised by a webmaster in regards to a spam complaint.
  • I still do believe that 1 day old website with 200+ spammy links receiving spam complaint is raising red flags for  google algorithm.
  • ronron
    I don't see how this is any different than the risks associated with fast spam on churn and burn sites. You took a new site, you spammed it, you got a quick result, and it crashed. End of story.
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    @ron that's exactly what I wanted to test. I made one page website about specific product. I didn't expect this site to be in top 10 for more than month or two but it just got hit really fast.
  • @Nitros 200 links in a day is nothing, that's not even tickling the index
  • There were 3.7K submissions so real number of created links was probably bigger. GSA SER was showing 370 verified links but after writing my domain name between "" on google I found ~1k results.
  • ronron

    For a brand new domain - I'm sure that made the radar. Hey, sometimes it works - ask the Russians :)]

    But when it doesn't work, then you look like a dummy.

  • I think a lot of *this* depends on the niche and what your competitors are doing
  • I've been preaching this for years.   the #1 reason why your site got deindexed is you used the Indexer links.

    Don't believe me?  I can reproduce the exact same results as you had gotten every day.    I make a site,  run indexer links on it. Rank high for a week or 2 and bam I'm either penalized or deindexed.   I actually had to turn away a client because along with my services he ordered a "Super Fast indexer" Package from hostgator.  I turned him down cause I didn't wanna take the blame for when his site dropped like a rock. 

    As far as 1 page sites ranking.  Stick with what Ron says on his guides.  I do something very similiar but like he said. I change anchor text variety and platforms according to competing pages.  I do about 10-20 of these sites per day. 

    Index links are ok,  for T3,  But I wouldn't even use them on a T2  at all for anything.  Only on T3 with the "Kitchen Sink"  :)
  • ronron
    Nice catch @Hunar =D> Somehow I didn't notice he mentioned Indexer links. I never use that on a moneysite.
  • I never use the indexer links... I know some people that do but. I recommend just building other links & letting G index your site naturally. On the subject of if your site can get banned for building mass links in a day... Well firstly this is why you can use 301s to mask some of the links -- & secondly the chances of being deindexed, even straight to the money site are extremely low. I've built many thousands of links in one day & have had only 1 site deindexed (imo not for links, site was cloaked). This is not a long term strategy of course... churn and burn.
  • @Nitros,
    If your website is manually penalized by Google, you should have received a message from Google and it should be visible in webmaster tools under malware. 

    I also had issues with trackbacks. I guess you don't use proxies. You should use proxies for EVERYTHING. 

    I use fast indexer but i have configured it by selecting quick indexer / Only Deep links / proxies. 

    You should submit your website to the reconsideration request team, it does not hurt. 

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