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Lindexed, Poor Results?

edited May 2013 in GSA SEO Indexer

just wanted to ask if anybody having similar experiences, (so that i can decide if i renew or try something else)

i just checked for 25.000 verified links if they where indexed after 2 months now,
(they have been sent on verification to lindexed via SER, after 1 month, all not indexed have been sent manually agains, also all unindexed has been treated with GSA Indexer a month ago)

Today i checked again, 4000 of the 25.000 where indexed,
after one month, when i recall correct only 1000 where indexed that time,
so cant say whom to thank for the 3000+ (prolly GSA Indexer)

anyone else having similar experiences with Indexer that their stats always report 95%+ Crawled, but when you really checks what has been indexed 2 months later, the results are rather poor?


  • There is one factor you need to take into account, and that is your content. If you are using crap content it will take longer to index and the index rate will be much lower than if you used better more unique content. 
  • well i used well spun KM content, its not HQ imho,
  • What settings do you use in KM?

    What spinner do you use in KM to spin the content? The built in KM spinner is very bad, don´t use it. WordAI Turin spinner does the best job for me. You can also use TBS with 2-3 words or any of the other "big" spinners. They do an OK job.

    Try to find the balance between unique and readable with regards to index rates. If you go for quality its gonna be duplicate, if you go for unique you will have index problems. You now have around 16%, you should be able to increase that to about 30% with the right settings.
  • P.s. you can use the custom content box to make the article even more unique. I use it to add headings to my articles.

    - Choose to leave att random places between paragraphs
    - Generate titles with KM or use SB to scrape keywords
    - Spin together with a spinner
    - Insert into each "heading below"
    - Test befor submitting to 30.000 sites :D


  • So are you telling me most of your verified links indexed at once after 2 months?
  • edited July 2013
    thats bs. and lindexed only gets ur links crawled, not indexed. google decides what they put in their index. i think im gonna cancel that service, it doesnt help much.

    the only way to have a good chance to get some links (like one third) indexed is to build SHIT-tons of links to your links. thats especially true for articles. and even more for wikis (i have a feeling in my gut that they dont get indexed at all ...)

    My index-tier has at least 300.00 verifieds to get e.g 1.000 T1 links indexed.. Even this gives me a poor rate of 25-35% indexed links after few weeks.

    SER has made building links extremely easy imho, but the downside is, that there is so much "helpful" content about prada bags, payday loans etc. online now, that google cant really decide what to take into their library ;)

    They are even rejecting all the helpful stuff that im creating with kontent machine and that wordmixing macro ...

    Best Regards
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