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[Off Topic] Which SERP Tool Can Be Trusted?

I'm aware of the past thread on SEP tools  And after trying them all, here's my rant --

My positions reported by SerpBook, Serpfox, and SheerSEO are a few hundreds lower than those from Link-Assistant Rank Tracker and CuteRank. Rank Tracker and CuteRank numbers are inline with Chrome Incognito search results (signed out and using US proxies). The fact that there seems a clear division between web apps and desktop programs makes me wonder which group I should trust.

While the majority of reviews for SerpBook (and Serpfox) are positive, there are people complaining about them being inaccurate, How does your experience go? To what extent do you trust those web SERP apps? Do their numbers closely correlate with the actual visits?


  • The issue with most SERP trackers is that they aren't sensitive to local changes. They aim to reveal rankings for a specific country, but can't check how results vary by cities within the same country. Example: when you search for "pizza delivery" from an IP address in NYC and from an address in California, you will get completely different results. If your small pizza restaurant is based in NYC it would be completely useless to check SERP rankings for California. My suggestion is that you try, a tool specialized on detecting and analyzing search queries for distinct areas, cities and even smaller towns. 

    I've been using it for the past 4 months, no other tool has proved to be as accurate at this one.
  • Thanks @doro , GeoRanker does seem pretty impressive both in terms of UI and features (claimed), just that while the free plan is said to support 50 keywords but I can't even generate new report for 30 keywords :(
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