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Topic creation in forums


First, let me congrat you, i am really impressed of SER work, it is incredible! :)

I am familiar with xrumer and did many mods few 2 years ago, i have huges lists, can i give you them and you make templates for topic creation?
Xrumer runs faster than SER but SER will have a better success rate, that's why i propose that.


  • SvenSven

    Im not a fan of this kind of submission. Scripting it to submit a new subject in a forum is not really difficult as all though. 


    find link=*New*

    form name=submit|add

    set unknown variable=%leave%

    variable must be used=url

    *message*=<your message here>

    *topic*=<your topic here>

  • hey @sven any news on platform trainer?
  • SvenSven
    @rodol no sorry, have to finish some other parts first.
  • @sven - what possibly more could there be to do? ;)
  • SvenSven
    A lot ... the to-do-list is long and the some things have to be added first to not recode the editor again and again.
  • Yô Rudy,

    Envoi moi un petit email (celui de LeMoussel de la Black Hattitude ;) ) afin d'étudier la faisabilité de portage de mods xrumer en template GSA SER.

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