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Thanks guys

Would just like to thank all that gave me constructive information on how best  to optimize my ser set up.
I am now running a project for my money site with article, guest comments and ping-backs and indexer.
Thanks to your help I have bought emails from fiverr and also private proxies which are running well.
I have also chosen Google US , UK AND Ireland.
I do hope that I will be in a position to help others who had the same difficulties at the beginning .
Any more advice is a bonus to me and I will continue to crawl the forums.
How many tier ones link should you have before you set up a tier 2 to point to them? , many thanks all who advised


  • You'd want to leave it for a week or two before setting up a 2nd tier
  • Thanks Davbel, sounds good to me, I will leave it for 2 so. How many tier one would you be happy with or do I just leave it on indefitley, thanks mate
  • Depends on the niche and how competitive it is.

    Some you will be able to rank and then leave, others you'll have to run campaigns constantly.

  • Thanks davebel, I am running guest post, pingback, articles for tier one would you recommend and other services that would be helpful for tier one, many thanks again for answering my questions
  • Look at @ron and @ozz's guides, the TL:DR version is use anything that allows you to post an article with a contextual link as T1

  • thanks davbel, I have added in some web 2.0 thanks to your suggestion to look at rons case study, appreciate your help mate
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