How do i add subtitle h2 at top of some articles in spin?

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What html code do i use and how do i format the spin so that sometimes there is a header eithier h1234 at top of my article... as i think this is what my campaign is missing :D

Anyhelp thank you

would it be something like

{<h1>Hello this is my title<h1>|<h2>this is a smaller title<h2>|||} {i dont know whether i use it on this line or not|hello,} {are <h1><h1> the proper format for headers} {have i got this right|will the title have its own line?}

edite okay iv used

{<h1>%keyword%</h1> |<h2>%keyword%</h2> |<h1>%keyword%</h1>|<h2>%keyword%</h2>|}{and then my artcle is here|.........}

but in text it shows the header tags but the first words of the article is on the same line? will this be different on websites?

Just ran the project and it seemed that worked on the article it had the header on a separate line and using the keywords meant the header was different from the title of page :D
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