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Syndicated content for Tier 1 ?

Hey everyone ,i heard a lot about syndicated content and that its perfectly legit method for building Tier 1 links. So far i was using KM for tier 1 and its working ok. I purchased SEREngines few days ago and i wanted to test syndicated content with these since i think they have better stick rate then spun content. 

So this is how i would do it , 2 ways.

1. Write an 500 word article and submit it to 30-50 or so Web 2.0's, wait for them to get indexed , filer out bad ones and then build tier 2 on those that stick.

2. The other option i am considering is writing a post on money site and then syndicate it to same number of Web 2.0's , giving the source link credit to my money site. 

I think that way you would get better stick rate , but you have to watch out for anchor diversity and spread it over 20 or so days.

What do you think about it , spun vs syndicated content , and what do you think which of my two methods for testing this would be better , 1 vs 2. :))


  • This is on my list to try. I know some platforms don't allow syndicated content. Would be great to test.
  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    Interesting. I have not used syndicated content, but I have heard plenty of people claim it doesn't hurt them. Usually people do 'curated' content where they publish something with their own preface or analysis integrated with the original article.

    The only issue/concern I have with duplicated content is that Google knows it is duplicated. So typically no credit is given to the duplicated content. Not that it is a penalty, but rather 'ignored' by Google.

    On the other hand, I have seen documented examples on forums where somebody's republished content ranks higher than the original piece.

    It's a tough question. Hell yeah, it would save a ton of time on article creation. It might be worth a test, but not on anything I couldn't afford to lose.


  • May be a good idea to write a brief editorial to complement the original article. I think you need to test it. I'm interested to hear how you get on.
  • I'd be interested to know how this pans out.

    I've read various things about this, but haven't tried as yet...
  • Yea , writing editorial is great method. If you look at it , many sites take articles from , say , NY Times and syndicate it with some sort of editorial. You can take 5 articles and syndicate to 100 web 2.0's which would be T1. 20/article is not that much
  • I'd be inclined to spin the editorial and drop my anchor text into it.
    Also, I know there are sites that allow you to republish their content. Some use an HTML snippet that pulls the article from their site, images and all. I've been meaning to try it. Can't remember the site I have in mind though.
  • I'm actually trying this right now. I have a site I made awhile back that is just refusing to rank and I figure I have nothing to lose with it, so I took a post off it and copied it directly into "Article." I wrote a manually spun editorial stating my site as the source of the following content.
    I just set up the project so I only have about 10 verified links, but I'll report back in a few weeks as to what happened.

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