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What Should I do to rank YouTube Video?

I have not really tried to rank a YouTube video yet with GSA but I heard a while back that when It comes to YouTube ranking not to worry much, to pretty much just blast it with everything. Is this true or are there rules I should follow ? Thanks


  • You can go wild with Youtube , get spun content ,go with articles, social netowrks and bookmarks, wiki . I think you can rank with just a few of them indexed , meaning couple of days.
  • Is there a certain type of GSA backlink or option I should use or not use ?
  • So is it ok to use all types of GSA backlinks on YouTube videos ? And is it ok to blast low PR links at the video ?
  • Anymore help on my question ? Is it best to blast every type of backlink for YouTube or should I use only contextual ? 
  • SvenSven
    It's not a good idea to keep a thread active and adding things like "anyone?" or alike. It's a bad habit and personally it keeps me ignoring things. Anyway search the forum for youtube. We have several threads about ranking youtube links.
  • its ok to blast youtube, youtube will never be deindexed, think about that.

    i have ranked 2 videos to number 1, 1 using only bookmarks and directories, and the other using, blog comments, image comments, trackbacks and pingbacks.

    both ranked and the one with the comments its still there.

    im talking about ranks on google, you will rank in youtube naturally if you rank #1 in google because of the natural views.
  • what about the mixture of do and nofollow links? any favourit?
  • Doesn't really matter for Google properties, but if you wanted it to look natural you'd do both
  • I have few questions for experience users ranking youtube videos:

    Is there a limit on how many backlinks?
    Do they remove/ban videos with mass backlinks?
    Does anchor text % matter?
    Is Serp movement slower?
    Does social signals play part in rank?

  • @davbel Thanks.

    What about the types of backlinks? I had great results with: Articles Comments and 2.0's

    Can I improve this?
  • @tbonemaker if you had great results then I'd carry on :D

    @jpvr90 in order:

    not to my knowledge
    can be

    Basically you can be more ballsy with youtube than you would be with one of your own sites mainly because it's a Google property and all of Google's rules for us are ignored when it comes to Google's own sites :D
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