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Tier One Page Rank - Yes Or No?

Hi all. I have been considering unchecking the page rank settings on my Tier 1 links, I have currently got it set to Skip Sites With A PR Below 1 and am running articles, social bookmarks and social networks. (have wikis,blog comments running separately to money site with there own pr settings). I continue to read numerous post on forums suggesting PR to be a waste of time, and am starting to think that way to. 
I am trying to rank 2 websites, 1st one has 27k local monthly searches and low comp and the 2nd has 12K and low comp, sites were built middle of march and have been using gsa since beginning of April and both sites are currently dancing between pages 2 and 3 of Google.
Why I feel I want to uncheck PR is I want to increase my verified links on T1 and it seems to have stalled at around 20 per day, this does not included the 50 or so web 2.0's built each day, and also feel it would seem more natural to have no PR site as well and high PR.
Open to discussion.........


  • for bookmarks and social network if you are going to use filters use DOMAIN pr filter not Page.
  • Hmm, personally would set up new project with no pr filter articles etc. set to drip feed. Because if you just turn the filter off you risk getting all no pr, pr n/a/, & pr0 links. Just my opinion.
    TBH though if you just want more verifieds then just up your submitted number
  • What about changing some of the other settings to ensure that you get more verified links.
    Adding more keywords or search engines etc, just a thought
  • I'm curious about this question too, but what about t2 and t3 links isnt it best to have them be contextual links so does the PR matter so much? Like I mean should you just shoot as many as you can low and high PR? 
  • I have no PR settings on my T2 T3 T1A T2A links, just only on tier one pointed to moneysite. I think I will scrap the PR settings and go with checking Skip Sites With More Than 100 Outgoing Links On One Page. I have just ran my T1 with those settings overnight and managed to get a much wider variety of links, which is what I am after.
  • Well, better late than never... chanced on this thread earlier today.. sad to note is no longer able to forward emails etc.
    WTH... went ahead and purchased anyway.
    Been on the prowl for a email account creator, this seems to be the best alternative to what's available on the market to date.

  • ronron

    Guys, just remember that when you create new properties - wikis, web 2.0, social network, articles, bookmarks, etc. - there are no other links except like 2-3 in the sidebar.

    It is a massive waste of time and SER resource to filter something that doesn't exist anyway.

    And if you want to try and find blog comments with less than 100 OBL, good luck finding those needles in the haystack. That project is better served using SB or Gscraper.


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