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more indepth stats

At the moment it shows only verified urls stats and what engine. I would like to see stats that show how many you have submitted to each engine so you can compare submission to verified ratio. Then would have a better shot at deciding whether that engine is worth selecting or not if it is eating up capthcers with too littel verified. Thanks :)


  • Go to options it's saved as a file "submitted"
  • no i am not talking about that, I am talking about the statistics diagram, it show verified urls and which engines they belong to. I would like those statistic to be expanded so we can see how many urls have been submitted to achieve that number of verified urls and what engine they belong to. Your talking about global sites list file that saves all urls that have been submitted.
  • edited May 2013
    go to options, klick on tools --->show stats---> there you have the complete stats with submitted and verified (sorted by engines)
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