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I'd like to do a fresh start with my projects and change my strategy, but not sure what to do exactly for each project, since i like to build good links again, my important sites have around 1-2000 verifieds on it.. maybe:

- Delete all verified links
- Change to new emails
- Delete Target URL History
- Uncheck Avoid posting on same URL Twice (otherwise i will skip many links i'd like to post again or? )

what do you think how to approach this best??


  • ronron

    Why are you doing this?

    If you got penalized, don't even waste your time. If you didn't get penalized, then explain what has happened so far with your rankings, and how you built your links.

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    I have projects that do 300-400 submits a day and with re-verification still only hover around 1000 verfieds total. Also i did setup things a bit wrong with 1st tier contextual and 2nd tier "everything". Now i want to try 2 Tier context links and other tiers "sideways", just like laid out in the best practice.

    No sites been penalized as i see, and ranking are a bit slow but consistently climbing.

    So can i just delete my Tier1 Verified links and account data and start fresh again, or should i just continue?? what about the 100.000's of links i already went through can i not retry all these?
  • ronron
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    Ok, here's what you do:

    Take that 2nd Tier and duplicate it. In one version, keep the contextual engines and rename it T2 (or whatever you want). Delete the NON-contextual links in the submitted and verified (right click on project>show Urls>submitted, verified) - just sort by platform - super easy to do.

    With the duplicated T2, keep only the junk tier engines of your choosing and eliminate the contextual ones, and rename it T2A or whatever you want. Delete the Contextual submitteds and verified just like above.

    I did this a very long time ago across the board with all my projects. It really doesn't take long, and you get to keep all your submitteds and verifieds - so no lost effort.

    Start saving yourself some time if you haven't done so already - name the engines in your T1 as 'Contextual' and save it by right clicking in the platform area. You can then right click and 'load' that engine selection for all other contextual projects going forward. Then do the same for KitchenSink or any other type of project you plan on using over and over again. If you already do this, then sorry for repeating this.

  • Hey @ron, I just had a brainstorm! Instead of explaining different linkbuilding tactics in different threads all around the forum, we need to create one thread with all the different linkbuilding "plays". And we can name them like they do in football. Then when someone asks a question like this, we can just say...Run...T1 Submit20 T2A on three...hut, hut!

    What do you think?
  • ronron
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    Well, this wasn't a linkbuilding strategy session. This was a tutorial on how to unbundle a project that is all f***ed up - which I do have some experience in by the way :-\" .

    However, I can see the wisdom of having the plays written on one of those forearm pads like the college football quarterbacks do when they are in the huddle. LOL.

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