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[GET] FREE Process Killer Tool v1.0 (Useful for Ser Backup and other things)

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I made a little app which you can use to kill SER or other processes at a scheduled time.
It got a little gui and a command line mode.

If you run: KillSer.exe
-> Gui will open where you can select processes you want to auto kill.
-> You can save them to a settings.xml and you can use this list later

If you run: KillSer.exe settings.xml
-> All processes inside the settings.xml file get stopped.

How to use it:

1) First time just run KillSer.exe and within the process list window select any process you want to add to your process kill list with a mouse double click.


2) If you double click a process name (Processes Tab) it gets added to the second tab (Process Killer Tab).
You can add as many processes as you want.


3) If you double click a process name on the Process Killer Tab it tries to stop this process.

If you press the Save button the added processes get written inside a .xml file.
This file is in the same path as the executable and it's named settings.xml

(Example with Process Search_Engine_Ranker added)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--Process List File-->

4) Now you can start the app from the command promt (GUI won't popup) and it will kill the processes listed in the settings.xml

KillSer.exe settings.xml

and Search_Engine_Ranker gets closed. (using CloseMainWindow() method)

5) Auto stop processes at scheduled time

In my case i run a backup every thursday, so i add a new task inside the  windows scheduler with a trigger on every thursday which starts my app with the argument : settings.xml

-> soon a little update where you can auto restart a stoped process after a certian time

So every thursday at a certain time the app will stop SER in a nice way for me ;)

... my personal version starts up .. kills SER .. periodicaly checks if my backup is done ( little workaround with webrequests to PROXMOX) if backup is done it starts Ser again with : Search_Engine_Ranker -scheduler

Voila .. hope you can use it ;) have fun guys thx for all the great nfo here !

Get it here for free :)


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    in case you were looking for a more automated solution (I don't know where your at with this...), you could create a powershell script or a batch file that kills the process and starts SER directly after with the -autostart argument. Then just add either of those scripts to the "Task Scheduler" built into Windows.

    I built a webapp for creating projects quickly (and better reporting) but my issue was restarting GSA in order for the application to see the new projects. Now i just restart the Application at like 2 in the morning and don't worry about it.

    You also get props from me for using Proxmox. Love that Hypervisor!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What about an app to autoupdate SER & CB and Indexer? How do you do that? 
  • nice way too @ares thx ,)
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