Remember Project State After Closing/Opening GSA

It would be very cool if GSA search engine ranker could remember the state of the projects after it is being closed.

For example, I am running 20-30 projects, they pause for certain amount of time after certain amount submissions/etc reached.

Each time I update software, those (P) times are lost and I have to either manually start them all over again or do a certain time.

It would be incredibly cool if GSA, before it gets closed, remembers if project is paused and for how long left. It would not really matter if after restarting software few minutes or hours or anything would have passed, just the last state of the project.

Thanks in advance.

Andy a.k.a. FatSteve


  • SvenSven
    It should go into pause very quickly if you restart it on active state as it calculates the number of submissions/verifications back to the set time.
  • Hmm... are you telling me that if I have project reached it's submissions, say paused for 24h, then I press stop button, update program and restart it then it should remember that projects were already paused?

    Now it shows them as active and when I push start button, it starts again full round of submissions. Would be great if GSA could remember the (P) state.

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I am saying that it might submit a few links as it calculates -24h and counts the submissions made from your verified/submitted URLs and only does the left amount.
  • Thanks, will take a closer look at it then.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer

    @FatSteve it does work the way @sven said.

    You can even turn projects to inactive, and then flip them on to active - and SER will recognize it already hit that project's limit for the day.

  • Hmm.. I must have not waited long enough cause as soon as I saw them go active after the update/restart, I started messing with them.

    So you guys are saying if I submit 600+/-100 per project for 24h, then close/upgrade GSA and open, it will remember that it did that submission and wont start running all over again?

    If yes, then thanks for the explanation and this feature request is mute.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, that is correct. Just try to save yourself headaches and use submitted per 'day' as opposed to 1440 minutes - just to make sure you're on the same page with that.
  • Thanks Ron, makes way more sense than 1440 minutes :D
  • davbeldavbel UK
    Accepted Answer
    I can also confirm @Sven and @ron
  • So I could just switch to say 120 +/- verifications per day and GSA will keep submitting/verifying till it reaches that number? 

    How do you guys go about it if you need a specific number of links per day? Submissions based on average subm/verif success rate or just blast till it has amount verified?
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer

    Don't use 'verifications per'   [-X

    You just can't do that with a multi-threaded application like SER. You will consistently overshoot your target, and you will put a gun to your head.

  • Yeah, already seeing that happening. Oh my, back to sub/ver ratios then.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    Exactly. You know there is an approximate ratio, and you just factor that in. Nothing in this game is ever exact anyway - it's always ballpark.
  • I have about 7% submitted to verified ratio so it's back to math lol.

    Thank you guys for helping me out, saves a lot of headache.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer

    Also remember the verified ratio is highly dependent on the platforms you use. You should be able to get closer to 15% -20% or even higher.

    Make sure you look at your stats in Advanced Tools to understand where you are getting the best bang for your buck. Compare verified against submitted...then you will know what to do to boost the verified %.

  • I have huge excel spread with that data and percentage on submitted vs verified for each platform and 7.49% success is the non-optimized data. I know I can double that number but since I'm not burning any captchas at all, I definitely want to have as wide platforms for my T2 links as possible.

    Then again, not wasting machine time is also a very good point. Pick your poison, as usual :D
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