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"Connecting" KWs/anchors to URLs?

So I'm thinking about running a sitewide project to one of my sites, which has multiple urls that each one refers to something different from the other, instead of running a separate campaign for each one of them. I would like to know if I have the option to determine which KW or anchor will lead to a specific URL? For example, I have in my site '' and '' - can I determine that in the same project "dog races" would lead to '' and "Cats food" will lead to ''?


  • This is easy to do. It has been answered many times in the forum. You can do searches in Google to find answers for things like this (the search bar in the forum does not produce very good results).

    Here is how to enter your urls with individual keywords for each url:{keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}

    Here is how to search in Google to find things in this forum: search term
  • That's cool, but what about generic anchor texts ("click here" etc.)? Will they be used for Does that also mean that anchors from anchor text box won't be used for that specific URL?
  • generic anchors work the same way as usual just make sure that box is checked
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    This is one of the most powerful features of GSA SER. Takes a while to setup but once done is brilliant. 

    I have 1 project with about 50 URL's. I have my home page URL x10 so it gets 20% of the links, and the other 40 are in the format as mentioned. It means that you get a nice spread of links across your site with good anchors. 
  • Thanks for the answers. BTW - Can I match specific anchors to a specific URL in a project? That URL1 will have anchor1 & anchor2, but URL2 will have anchor3 & anchor4?
  • SvenSven
    @jamesh yes, just use the EDIT button next to the URL field.
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