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WTF?? List of English Speaking SE Missing South Africa!

Sorry for the title, but this is huge... can you add South Africa to your list of English speaking Search Engines please?
I'd dread to think that South Africa is using any other language but English in the media, online and otherwise.

That said... 2nd feature request... could you please make the GSA Indexer automatically begin to index links where it left off.. meaning, if there are links it did not index at time of closing the app, it should automatically add those links and start indexing them.

Right now, if you do not click ok to let the indexer include links from a previous process, it'll just sit there, waiting for user input!
GSA SER at times takes a little while to find links to post to... and if someone leaves the app running and goes to bed, no verified links will be indexed simply because the indexer is waiting for user input to add list of links from a previous process...

I find this is highly ineffective for the indexer... so please...make the app simply start up on its own and index links from previously without asking user input.



  • SvenSven

    Next version will enable all "South African Engines" when Using English as language.

    Changing SEO Indexer behavior as well.

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