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[GET] RankWyz ContentHub - Free Content Generator for GSA Ser

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Desktop application that acts as an http server and allows easily configure multiple projects and create unlimited number of highly unique and relevant articles for your promotions with Xrumer and GSA Ser.

To make linkbuilding campaign effective it is very important that links are place in the context with the relevant theme to the promoted site. In other words if you promote site on the topic of yoga for the best effect you need to post links with the content on the topic of yoga. Tools like Xrumer and GSA Ser take away complexity of building links, you can set up and start new campaign in 5 mins, but it might be very time consuming task to prepare relevant content for the submission. RankWyz ContentHub is an easy and elegant solution that allows speed up your campaign setup.

You can download app and view examples of using xrumer/gsa macros here

this is free application, for any support questions and bug reports please visit our forum

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