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Pause Project after "submissions" "verified", and also "links placed"

I came searching the forum looking for an answer to why my projects are submitting way more links than I allocated to the project. I got my answer here

So links submitted do not include profiles created - ok makes sense.

That being the case is the possibility to add another option. Right now you can set each project to build so many submitted or verified links for a set period of time, but is it possible to have an option that includes "links placed". This would include links place on profile pages, or a link placed anywhere. That way a project cold be set to "pause project after 25 links placed for 1440 minutes".


  • SvenSven
    I don't see a difference on verified and links's the same thing.
  • edited May 2013
    I am probably a bit confusedicated

    So lets say I have project that is set to build 25 submissions for 1440 minutes. I will get more than that many submissions in reality because profile pages created do not count towards the 25 submissions. However, those profile pages that are created will contain links? Yes, no, some of them?
  • SvenSven
    Every  submission is counted as long as your URL is submitted and probably turning into a backlink.
  • Thanks for that - that has cleared things up for me. This renders my opening post mute.
  • Ok, so I got 1 more question to make sure I am 100% understanding.

    If I have my project set to make 25 submission in 1440 minutes, and the project builds 50 submissions, then 25 of those submissions will contain a url that will probably turn into backlink, and the other 25 submissions will contain no links placed so definitely will not be a backlink?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Why not just set it to submissions per day day rather than every 1440 minutes?

    SER is designed to build links. Every submission ser does, contains a link

  • SvenSven
  • ok guys - I guess I am just going ultra cautious on a brand new money site in my tier 1, so I don't want to over build links, which is really where my question is coming from

  • ronron

    Yeah stop using that 1440 - every one of us has made that mistake. Just do submission per day, and use a guesstimate to determine how many verified will result from that level of submission.

    Just remember - On average only about 20% of submissions become verified - that's an average across all platforms. It is nowhere close to 1:1 as you suggested above. Maybe if you work your rear-end off like @Lee, maybe to can get it closer to 1/3. So you have a lot of wiggle room.  

  • Thanks guys - this has been a great help.

    Ok will switch over to submissions per day and not per 1440

    Ron, that is just the info I was after, will adjust my number of submissions a day accordingly. I am stepping up my GSA game big time, but I am not sure I will get to the impressive 1/3 submission success as Lee. I will work on it :-)
  • Thanks for this guys. The whole pause submission thing was doing my head in. Just like Darren I'm building tier 1 so am being ultra cautious maybe. Many thanks.
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