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computer specification suggestions?

Hi all,

Can you recommend me a budget computer that i can run GSA SER smoothly. My computer can not handle too many project at the same times. If i run SER, i can not use other program as usual. What should i need to get :
Quad core ? ( AMD or Intel ) i see AMD got cheaper price with Quad cores and 8 cores.
What is minimum of RAM? 4Gb or 8Gbs?
Do i need a VGA? or integrate VGA is enough?

Many thanks.


  • If you're using it only for SER than integrated gfx and 4gb Ram should be OK as the most SER can use is 2Gb

    I built my server for about £400 using an 8 core AMD FX8350, 8Gb Ram, 120Gb SSD and Windows Home Server 2011 and it flies.

    With hindsight I'd have gone for a bigger SSD as I had to faff about to get WHS installed as the 128Gb SSD is smaller than the installation requirements, but once working it's more than enough.

    Runs 200-300 threads solidly on less than 20% CPU (although it can peak at more) and I've had it running at 1000+ threads, but you get memory issues and that number of threads will spank your proxies unless you've got a 100+

  • Thank you so much. I think i'll come with AMD :).
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