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New GSA user - need help

Hi, I am a new GSA user. So far I Love the service! I just purchased the SEREngines subscription and have the api integrated successfully. I also purchased the GSA Indexer.

Here is my question. I have the indexer turned on in my projects in GSA. BUT. when it starts its indexing activity, I see a huge list of url's that are NOT from my projects. What gives?? I saw a bunch from guy fierri's cooking website, which is nowhere on my link list. Is this a bug? Did I set something wrong? Very odd and I cannot seem to be able to figure this out.

It would be helpful for newbies like me to have a e-manual for each of the GSA products. Not tutorial videos, but actual resource manuals.

Anyway, can anyone help me with this please?


  • Update: I think I figured what I was doing wrong. Sorry about that. All good.
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