Project Scheduler

Hey guys,

I was searching for a way to schedule projects (not links per day). Like when to start. I could create like 10 projects and each of them start at different time (for example schedule them to start 2 hours in-between them). This can be very useful in so many ways.

We could create like 50 projects and have them start during a week or a month. We just set them up and they will do their stuff automatically.

We could create a T1 project, and after a time we could schedule a tier 2 projects (like after 5 days, when live links have been built).

This could be done very easily, something like senuke has. Just a timer that checks for schedules every 60 seconds. 

if Date.Now >= Project(X).ScheduledDate then Project(X).start()



  • SvenSven
    There is a scheduler already. Just click the Down Arrow on the Start button.
  • Omg, I've totally missed that. I feel like such a noob ^_^

    Thanks @sven, you rock!
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