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GSA SER Settings to ONLY send PR2+ ReCaptchas to Paid Service

Im trying to figure our how to only send PR2 + Recaptchas to paid service.

Also using CB but i dont know the chain of command.

in SER my 1st option is CB - Retry 1
my 2nd option is DBC - Retry 1 - Pr 2+ only

in CB
I have "send captcha to the following if fails"  set to DBC
-Only try to solve if 50% plus

something doesnt feel right with my settings. am i doing it correctly?

I only want to spend money on Recaptcha since nothing can solve those automatically ( $$)
Anything less than PR2 Recaptcha should be ignored/skipped
for everything else CB only  (no paid)

What am i missing?
any help would greatly be appreciated..


  • SvenSven
    Disable the option in CB to send to a captcha service. This option should only be used if your program using CB is not able to send to a 2nd captcha service.
  • edited May 2013
    Thanks Sven
    Thats strange cause the video by Santos
    shows the opposite.. he uses CB to determine 2nd service ..not GSA

    One last question.. do i have to click "skip hard to solve captchas" in a project to make sure Recaptcha gets sent to paid service?
    im not sure what skip hard to solve means exactly ...does skip mean it skips completely? (no answer attempted ..even with paid service?)

    is that based on success rates?

    how can i make sure ONLY recaptchas get sent to paid service?

  • SvenSven
    Skip hard to solve captchas skips them completely and not use any service or software.
  • you can always just toggle "send to paid captcha service" on recaptcha in CB . not sure how the pr2+ would work though.
  • Ive turned off 2nd option in GSA complterely.. 1st option in GSA is CB
    Inside CB i selected DBC if failed ..have manually marked each/only type of captchas i want to pay for (recaptcha,drupal etc)...
    I also checked "send only marked types" to make sure only recaptcha,drupal etc go to paid service.

    Been running it a day and it seems to work but i noticed 0/174 recaptchas were recognized inside CB..the display/message area however shows them being sent to paid service for successful solving.

    Not sure why.

  • SvenSven
    0/174 are solved by CB...thats correct as they are not solved by CB but the captcha service.
  • yep, looks like it is working great!
  • Sweet..Danke schön gentleman..
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