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Indexing - Things I Have Learned



  • edited September 2013
    SB is full of false positives. I can't rely on it to get a precise result. I use it to do some general stats only. Live link and index check never give me exact results
  • ronron

    I check indexing using scrapebox. I use public proxies because every type of proxy burns out quickly on index checks. I actually write SER public proxies to my desktop, and use the refreshes to keep updating the proxies on each iteration of the indexing run. Granted, this is a goofy way to do it, but I get a live check this way before I start using them again. That way I can pound through this exercise.

    I haven't noticed any false negatives, but that is not to say that they don't exist. I will have to check this on my next indexing check. If this is true, then it is just one more thing to fret over.

  • Hey Ron...good stuff. Just need to know if GSA SEO Indexer is worth using it. I saw your recomendation for Instant Link Indexer on your advanced ser tips list.
  • is anyone here still using gsa seo indexer ? i plan to use it for churn and burn
  • Good call revamping a 2 year old thread...

    Why not test it and see your own results?
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