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5.74 updates then unupdates

I am able to update my GSA SER to 5.74 but after I restarted SER I had to reinstall the update again. So far I had to reinstall the update three times and right now it has stuck so far.


  • Yeah 5.74 seems iffy, just click start and run previous version. Some of my engines broke after upgrading.
  • 5.74 just runs for a few minutes and crashes. I just see a whole pile of "loading from site lists 0/200" etc in the window and then it stops responding. Gone back to 5.73.
  • Seeing the same.  I reverted back to 5.73 as well.
  • the same goes on here
  • I'm New to GSA SER. How do you roll back to v5.73?
  • SvenSven
    fixed in upcoming version
  • Yes. I posted a bug message. I had v5.74 running for 3 hours and no URLs appeared in the "Last Verified URLs" panel, then went back to v5.73 and now have 20 URLs.
  • Thanks Sven, so great to have these things fixed so quickly!
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    5.75 back to normal after buggy 5.74 for me.
  • yep seems ok again 5.75
  • just updated to 5.75 but I will not get to test it out till later tonight. Also Sven thank you for the fix as well, you guys still impress me with how quick you guys fix issues. I am very happy I purchased GSA SER and the Indexer.
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