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Import Links Created from Another App

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
Had GSA from the very beginning and love the way things have morphed over the past 6 months or so (thanks to Sven, Ozz and others for their brilliant scripting!).

One of the best features of GSA is the ability to continually re-verify your tiered links. So many tools simply leave this in the dust but with GSA you can be assured you are only building links to 'live' links within your tiers.

This brings me onto my feature request - I use other apps which are specifically designed to target other platforms which generate a number of links. These are tiers outside of GSA if you like. It would be amazing to be able to 'import' these links into a fresh new tier (lets call it Adhoc Tier1). I would then create another project and then select 'use urls from another project' and select Adhoc Tier 1 thereby building links to this tier within GSA - I would of course be able to run the verifier each day I run the project, again ensuring I am building links to 'live' links built outside of GSA.

Do you think this is doable? :)


  • SvenSven
    edited September 2012
    You can import other URLs into your verified once already. Maybe it is that what you mean. Use the popup menu on the Verified URLs dialog.
  • Right - I see that you can import urls into the verifier. The problem with it at the moment is it is not looking for an URL it knows about when you run 'verify' since these urls are not created within GSA. Is there a method to get it to look to see whether the url/page is 'live'?

    I don't need it to check a link on the page just that the page is 'live' and it can access it. If so, make it green showing that the page has not been deleted and therefore I can start building links to the page I know exists.....hope that's clear??
  • Scratch that I'm being a dick :) - I can input the domain I am looking for in the verifier, into the project itself which will then automatically check to see whether this link is on the page.....
  • SvenSven
    So all as you want right? ;)
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