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GSA - SER "Out of mem"

I notice that I have been getting an error stating I have been running out of memory and I need to do one of the following;
1. Lower my threads
2. Restart GSA SER

Core 2 Duo
4GIGs or RAM
320 HD
Win - Vista Prem.

Projects - I am only running the following
1 tier 1
1 tier 2
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That is all I have running and that is all I have at this time for projects.
I am only running 40 threads - public proxies as I just ran out of my private proxies and I have to wait till Thursday to purchase new private proxies. I am noticing that I am using more memory looking at the bottom of SER. As soon as I hit 1 GIG that is when I get the error.


  • SvenSven
    we have a thread about this issue already!
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