Improving T1 Efficiency By 200%

This new feature that adds random external URL's is great. I like the way you can specify how many to add.

I think that a similar option for normal project links could increase SER efficiency by 200% to 400%. 

Currently on T1 contextual projects it drops 1 link on the platform. I'd love to see a way to allow us to specify how many project links it places. Since it's grabbing the URL's from T0, we might as well do 3 or 4 links on the T1 article since they are all different and have different root IP's, and thus increase efficiency greatly! 

A simple number of project links to use toggle/feature would be great.

I get around this with the use of macros, but a simple choice of number of links (similar to number of external links) would simplify this greatly for others. :-)


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