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I want to know if Im just the one who`s experiencing this.


Just gone for 3-4 days and this happens


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I use Hotmail everyday and its working fine on my end. Maybe a firewall or Anti-virus changed something and blocked the outbound connection?

    Just tested again:

  • @s4ntos ok thanks

    would SER be sending data to my hotmails if I dont test it?
  • @sven sir , i found a delay on "Test Email" function in the Email Verification tab
    Im just using 1 hotmail and it takes atleast 5 minutes to test it. THats a lot of time than the other version

    @s4ntos : sir , if i may ask, How many minutes did it go to test all your emails?
  • reverted to v5.71 and fixed
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