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20%-30% Verified with 40 Shared Proxies Normal?


How much do You get avg. verified links in these days? I get only 20%-30% Maybe I have some settings problem. I imagine it should be at least 60%-70%
Can anyone point to the right direction to use GSA better?

Thank You ,


  • Depending on your campaign type and settings, overall 20-30% is there or there abouts.
  • If anything, you are currently at the high end of normal. I usually get about 15-20% verified. A lot of it depends on what type of engines you are running as well.
  • Ok good to know. Now I have about 50%. I just thought that the normal is 80%, but if the normal is around 30% then have to live with that :)
  • Yeah I'd be happy with that. Link building is a numbers game so if you want more all you have to do is build more (if you get what I say). 
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