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Noob Question - What Causes Verified Success From Engine To Engine

Hi. As the title really. What would cause the difference between success on the different engines. For example on my verified list I have over 5,000 success's with Social Bookmark-Pligg but only 41 with Social Bookmark-Public Bookmark. Is this through keywords?. As a newb to this amazing software I feel the secret to gaining the maximum through it is to try and go to the places that are not generally being spammed by everyman and his uncle, so through plenty of scraping with Scrapebox I will be loading up with extra URL's aswell as a unique keyword list with KeywordMapPro, but would like to know why the difference between then different engines verified rates.


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Some engines are used more than others. So pligg is the most used public bookmarking platform and the others are not so often used. That simply explains the difference. 


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