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lost all projects

I just restarted GSA search engine ranker.....and it deleted 4 out of 5 projects.  Those projects were there one second, then after I restarted GSA, they were gone, except for one.

How do I go about recovering the projects that it deleted?

I think it's a bug or something?


  • SvenSven
    This can really not happen. The program doesn't delete anything. However I can imagine that some anti virus program might have deleted them due to some suspicious content?
  • edited April 2013
    No.....I don't have any such programs running.

    I was messing around with the project settings of GSA......then I restarted it because GSA "froze" on me. Then when it came back all but one project was lost.

    To be fair, GSA "hangs" whenever I hit the "edit project" button. It has been doing this for two weeks now, and as each day goes by, it gets progressively worse.

    I think I already emailed Sven about it....and send him my log files but there was nothing in there.

    I think I'm going to delete GSA and then re-install it and hopefully that will solve whatever problem there is.

    What files should I save/carry over?

    Submitted and verified lists......and backup the projects?
  • I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass.....but I can give Sven my dedi log in details and you can see for yourself how GSA hangs.  It's very weird......on my VPS, GSA works just fine.

    I halfway think it MIGHT be the server.....but where to start troubleshooting?  It's a brand new dedi server (~1 month old), no programs on there outside of GSA.  Xrumer is there and so is Hrefer but to be honest.....I rarely use them or any other program.

  • I feel like crying. You have xr and hr left idle?  8-X what a waste....
  • xr and hr aren't the end all and be all.  I think they are a tad bit over least for the type of work that I do.  They do have their place in certain scenarios and in that case, there really is nothing better.  But like I said, for my purposes, they are "ok".

  • hey @gsaguy123 the projects being lost are not lost, there is a backup in your %appdata%\gsa search engine ranker. then check the verified or submitted folder for a folder called projects.

    just merge that with your existing projects folder and everything should be back for you.

    I made that backup for you the other day in our team viewer session.
  • Thanks saved me a few hours worth of work.  I buy you a beer if you're ever in my neck of the woods!

    I'm going to re-install GSA....and if the issue continues, it has to be the server that causing the issues.

    Because if you guys are not having the same issues with GSA that I'm having....then that rules out that possibility of the issue being with GSA.

    I could tell that when I "rented" the dedi server that I'm now on.....that someone had previously used it prior to me.  It wasn't a fresh new set up.  I wonder if this is something to do with it?

    p.s.  Thanks for your email account creation program.....after a rocky start, I actually love the program.  I get ~700 brand new email addresses every single day!  
  • p.s. After all this negativity (which was not intended on my part).....

    I have to say that I love GSA!  Thanks for all your hard work updating the software, Sven. 

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