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Takes Forever To Index Links?

Hey guys,

Just wondering how long it usually takes to index links. I loaded up about 50 links and GSA has been running for a few hours. Is this normal?


  • what are your settings?
  • Not sure what you are asking. SER is a tool for BUILDING backlinks not INDEXING backlinks (per se).

    You need to be more specific about what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Ya it's GSA Indexer. If you tell us your settings we can help
  • Number of threads is 10 and its set to full indexer mode. Should I set it to quick? Its still running now and its been all day!
  • My bad...didn't notice the thread was for the Indexer.
  • Yes set to quick and also deep link only. Play around with threads but don't go too high as it'll stall.

    Indexer is CPU hungry. I have mine set at 5 threads ticking along nicely but I only index certain links daily.
  • Whats the number of links you index??? Thanks for the advice btw, very grateful.
  • Only T3 but I wait 2 weeks first to see which links get indexed naturally
  • ronron

    I do the T1's first, then my next batch is T2T3, and then my final batch is T1AT2AT3A.

    I do go through the effort to use scrapebox with public proxies to sort those that are already indexed vs. those that are not indexed. I only want to put the non-indexed ones through GSA Indexer.

    Make no mistake - it can take a while - weeks and months. Like @seagul, I always wait a few weeks. Some will get indexed on their own, so I think it is more efficient to let Google catch up first, and then focus on the hard-to-index links.


  • Alrighty gentleman. thanks a million 

    Seagul how many T3 links? 20,50,75?
  • Using SEO Indexer "Full Indexer Mode" seems to submit to about 450 sites (using only sites that can index deep links).  But "Quick Indexer Mode" only seems to submit to 50 sites.  Does anyone know what makes those 50 sites special?  @sven maybe?
  • I would very much like to know the same, its done indexing 2500 backlink and 6000 left, and its not keeping pace with the back link generation. i am also considering to just use quick index, but not sure what that really implies.

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