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Scrapebox Footprint Keyword Question

I am about to start scraping the footprints from GSA with Scrapebox, and would like to know from anyone who does this on how many keywords they use per engine scrape. For example if I am scraping the Article Script footprints how many keywords would be recommended. I have a 100k Keyword list, 20k keyword list as well as many specific keyword lists relating to my money sites.
Thanks in advance


  • You do not need a huge list of keywords. And as far as using the kw lists that are floating around, I would say to stay away from those. Use Scrapebox to scrape several hundred (or thousand) niche related keywords and use those. That way you will be getting sites that everyone else is not blasting.

    If you have 1000 keywords and scrape 1000 urls per keyword, that is a million urls. Then just scrape some more keywords and repeat the process.

    BTW - GScraper is nicer (and faster) for doing this.

    BTW2 - This is kind of an "advanced" tactic. I did it for a while, but lately I have just been letting SER do the scraping too.
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