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When I run index checker on verified links I want to do some work only on those indexed links. Say for example I want to search by mask "profile" links and delete only those that are indexed. I cannot do this now. Option to select mask "indexed" + "blah blah" would allow this.

Also option to see in verified URLs list those that are indexed (have had index check performed at least once). Right now we have "D" and "I" checkboxes. Could we have another for indexed last check. Maybe "L" for live.

I know what I ask is verging on adding backlink manager capabilities and I see why you might say "nah" @Sven but I don't know how far you want to add to the SER beast 


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    You can use: *mask1*|*mask2*|*mask3* and than delete selected 

    For the other features...right now this is no time to add this but I see a value of it.

  • ok no problem and thanks for the suggestion. 
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