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How to specify Number of contextual links


First of all I wanna say "THANKS!" to the forum since i learnt a lot here. Without you guys (ron,LeeG,ozz, DavidA etc.) i would have thrown GSA in the garbage bin. But now i know how powerful it is when set up correctly.

My Question:

For my T1 I'm spinning Articles to 80% uniqueness and when i have the spintax i insert %link% somewhere in between
(which equals <a href=%url%>%anchor_text</a> if im right).

Looks like {a|b|c} %link% {a|b|c}.

I dont put it into the spintax like this {a|b|c}{a|%link%|c} because that way im only gonna have a contextual link in every third case (i guess?)

What i wanna do is put %link% at 4-5 different spots within the text and make SER put a maximum of 1 link per Submission.

Is there a way to do it?

I found the option "insert url for anchor text" but i dont see if this is the right one.

Best Regards


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    This would be useful, but I don't think there is a way to do that yet. 
  • So if i do it like  {a|b|c} %link% {a|b|c} this is the best way to do it? that way the contextual link won't make sense sometimes ...

    Best Regards
  • Surround the link with contextual highly spun sentence then it will make sense and be more likely to get indexed
  • So to get this clear.

    If i have:

    - insurance
    - get insurace
    - insurance cost

    as anchor text, i need a sentence where all 3 make sense?

    Sounds pretty hard to me, or am i getting sth wrong?
  • Yes you can do it generically like:
    {Find out a lot more about %anchor_text% by clicking | Great resource for %anchor_text% here }<a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> { where you'll find information about %anchor_text% in great detail.| explains everything you need to know about %anchor_text%| in fact it's the best website about %anchor_text% I have found}
    add to it then nested spin it. Will last for ages.
  • Good idea seagul thanks :)

    But will only work for german articles which i have to spin manually since there is nothing like KM for the german market. Otherwise it wont make sense.

    Or can i take english text and just put my german anchor there? Im just a bit concerned because that way it will never survive any human moderation.

    Thanks in advance, time to get some quality sleep now...

    Best Regards
  • I don't know about German anchors sorry
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    The problem with using %anchor_text% in sentences is that if you have generic and domain as anchor use selected, and they total 50% of the time then you will get:

    {Find out a lot more about clicking here by clicking | Great resource for click for more here here }<a href="%url%">click here</a> { where you'll find information about more resources in great detail.| explains everything you need to know about| in fact it's the best website about click for details I have found}

    (That's why I requested a macro or extra variable we could use where you could exclude these. See:
  • Thanks alex, will have a good read :)

    Well, now i just wrote the text in a way that everytime it gets spun at least 1 of my anchor terms will be present.
    I didnt use the macro. GSA will - as far as i know - automatically put a link then (thats why i like that program).

    Does 1 know how i specify the maximum amount of links per text?

  • @AlexR
    Then you don't use generic and domain in that project just use anchor and secondary anchor. That's what I do. Then set up other projects for the rest.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Seagul - how are you able to get a 40% generic link profile? I just can't find enough places to use a generic anchor where it looks natural! 
  • @AlexR Separate project targeting 100% generic anchors.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Seagul - are you using any specific platforms for this or all platforms for your generic anchor project? (I'm trying to reduce number of projects...rather using a secondary_anchor macro, since it pulls in the details and never allocates a generic or domain to a secondary anchor, so I use this variable in my titles rather) It's the only workaround I've been able to come up with, without increasing number of projects. 
  • Yeah I treat it almost like T2 quality because a link is a link. I won't be building tiers to it so it doesn't have to be contextual. I use all platforms most likely to get indexed \m/
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