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Quick question - I have exported and imported link to the indexer can I still run the GSA while it..

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I have exported inks from campaigns and imported them into the GSA indexer "only got indexer installed today" -  can I still run the GSA with the same projects, while it's currently indexing the old verified links from them that I have imported. I'm just unsure if the indexer will actually know/be able too index any new links created now while it's running.

This is pretty urgent guys as I'm not able to run it until I know, so if someone can let me know I would appreciate it please....


  • SvenSven
    Yes of course. Both programs can work independently.
  • So I can start up the GSA right now, while the indexer is implementing the links I just imported, and it can still manage to index the new links whilst doing the older ones right....

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    Fire away! They are totally separate programs. Run SER to your hearts content.

    If you have SER set up to send any new verified links to Indexer, they will just be added to the queue of urls you imported. And things will go on their merry way.
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    Thanks, I have it ticked and stuff via the options and what not, so it should all be setup correctly. I was just worried it would not index the newer links as well. Is there anywhere I can see that the new links have been indexed and stuff? I have to say these tools are amazing, I mean the software is phenomenal. I have used many different types of software before in my time but the GSA is truly amazing. 
  • The "Indexer" program does not include any feature to tell what urls have been indexed. What it does is submit the urls you put into the indexer to several hundred "statistics" sites. By doing this, these sites create links to these urls. The fact that Google visits these statistic sites frequently help Google find a lot of these links. But Google will only find a percentage of them.

    When Google does find the links on the statistics sites, it will follow the link to your url. And hopefully, with enough of these, your url (which is a backlink to your T1 or money site) will get "indexed".

    So, it is a numbers game. The more you submit, the more you get indexed. Just remember that you will never get all of them indexed.
  • Awesome thanks so much for your help David, your very wise and clearly know your stuff about this amazing tool, The only reason I'm having to manually add the links today, is because I failed to setup the indexer ages ago lol! 

    When I get these older verified links finished, I can just open the indexer with the GSA and as you said it will auto start indexing new links without me having to manually add them. :)

  • Being able to import them into the indexer is a nice feature. And you may still want to do it from time to time - even with urls that have already been submitted. Since all of them won't get indexed the first time around, if you submit them again, some more of them will get indexed the second time around.

    There is a diminishing return when doing this though. So, I would probably only do it twice.

    You could always check which ones have been indexed (with Scrapebox or something else) and then only resubmit the ones that have not been indexed. But this just adds another step of work into the process. It is a matter of how many links you are creating and how much time you want to spend on this.
  • Thanks so much David :)
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